1. "Harlem Heart" faded Graffiti photograph by Syni

  2. "Feel the whip, now act for me" - Black & White Self Portrait

  3. "Last Winter Day"
    Syni by Olympia Mytilinaiou.

  4. Her Madgesty Syni.

  5. "Together We Tear Cities Down" photography by Anna Tagkalou


  6. "Priest and Believers waiting for the train of judgement" by Syni Pappa

    p.s monastirion means monastery, it’s a down town city rail station in athens

  7. "One sure afternoon" by Syni Pappa

  8. "New Universal Blue" - glitter polish, ink, vinyl print on moleskine and skin.

  9. "Dive In Film" Image Composition by Syni

  10. "Stain" Menstrual Blood on Cotton Fabric

    by Syni Pappa

  11. Girls Burned Down Athens, not Anarchy.

    always remember the 6th of december


    HONEY BED (2009) - Short Film by Syni Pappa

  12. "Slice of Concrete at Finopoulos Hill

    by Syni Pappa

  13. Young Couple in Eleonas Photographed by Anna Tagkalou

    ( Image courtesy of Anna Tagkalou )


  14. "Make ya Film betta" pills on acrylic paint wood by Syni Pappa

  15. "The Bulldozer Sisters" L’amour & Syni

    Photographed by Conekt Disconekt