1. Young Couple in Eleonas Photographed by Anna Tagkalou

    ( Image courtesy of Anna Tagkalou )


  2. Kitty in the queer mafia pictorial “Velveteen”

    by Syni Pappa

  3. "Make ya Film betta" pills on acrylic paint wood by Syni Pappa

  4. "The Bulldozer Sisters" L’amour & Syni

    Photographed by Conekt Disconekt

  5. Alexandras Avenue & Bousgou Place

    by Syni

  6. WHACK

    futuristic short fiction film

    by Syni Pappa

  7. Art Director Myrto Karapiperi | Athens Crowdfounding Festival |

     photo by Syni

  8. " Where Destruction Knows No Guilt "

    with L’Amour by Syni Pappa

  9. "Sugar n Cream on the concrete background of Gravias Str.

    by Syni

  10. "Outraged" graffiti in London overexposed photograph by Syni

  11. FrohSara - by Syni Pappa

  12. Lessons In Sociology  | 2009 | Short stop motion animation in super8 film    

    by Vangelis Fakinos and Syni Pappa

  13. Self Portait | by Syni

  14. Leicina and Me | 2008 photographed by La AMouR

  15. rainy night in brooklyn - by syni