"One sure afternoon" by Syni Pappa

"New Universal Blue" - glitter polish, ink, vinyl print on moleskine and skin.

"Dive In Film" Image Composition by Syni

"Stain" Menstrual Blood on Cotton Fabric

by Syni Pappa

Girls Burned Down Athens, not Anarchy.

always remember the 6th of december


HONEY BED (2009) - Short Film by Syni Pappa

"Slice of Concrete at Finopoulos Hill

by Syni Pappa

Young Couple in Eleonas Photographed by Anna Tagkalou

( Image courtesy of Anna Tagkalou )

"Make ya Film betta" pills on acrylic paint wood by Syni Pappa

"The Bulldozer Sisters" L’amour & Syni

Photographed by Conekt Disconekt

Alexandras Avenue & Bousgou Place

by Syni


futuristic short fiction film

by Syni Pappa

" Where Destruction Knows No Guilt "

with L’Amour by Syni Pappa